Dance Styles

Baton twirling employs the beauty of dance, the creativity of rhythmic gymnastics and the athleticism of a ball sport, all while twirling a baton.  Our baton twirling classes are targeted to the beginner twirler, to teach them the fundamentals of the sport.  We not only focus on teaching children how to twirl a baton, but our classes encourage teamwork, poise, balance, hand-eye coordination, as well as, help children build their self-esteem.  Students will learn the basic baton twirling tricks as well as, basic dance, marching and formations. Come out and try this exciting sport. **course cost also includes Baton

Tots & Toes
Imagination, creativity, movement and
music! Learn the fundamentals of dance
technique and rhythm while
incorporating fun music, props and games.

This style of dance incorporates stretching
and flexibility, travelling steps (turns, jumps),
and a dance combination to finish the class.
Come out and enjoy stylized movement to
fun upbeat music!

Students will learn classic and contemporary
tap technique while developing rhythm and
musicality. Classes start with a warm up in
the centre and switch the focus on
learning travelling steps down the room.
Classes will often time incorporate learning
tap dance combinations.

Ballet is the foundation of all dance styles
and technique. Our classes are a mix of
classical ballet technique and
free movement. We do not use a specific
syllabus; our instructors
incorporate different styles of ballet
technique paired with classical music.

This style of dance incorporates modern,
jazz, lyrical and ballet. It is an expressive
form of dance inspiring a
mind/body connection through fluid and rigid
dance movements.

Hip Hop
Come get your swag on and learn funky
street style dance! Learn the latest moves to
energetic music. In each class students will
work on new choreography and
dance combinations.

Participation in the competitive program is based on the instructor’s recommendations only.
The competitive students will participate in 2 local competitions in April and should have at
least 3 years of experience in either Tap/Jazz/Ballet. Students have the option of doing a
solo/duet/trio/small group with the instructor of their choice. Additional fees include:
choreography fee, competition entry fees and costume purchase. Registration for the
competitive program will begin September 30. If you are interested in receiving more
information about the competitive program please contact the dance program coordinator
Chantelle McEwen: