Dance Attire

Proper dance attire is expected by the third week of class.

Where to Buy

  • You can sometimes find Ballet shoes/body suits/tights at Walmart.
  • Everything you need can be found at Malibar, Audrey’s Costume Castle and Dancewear and Brio.
  • We have a collection of second hand shoes for sale (or free); you may speak to your instructor if interested.
  • We are always looking for more shoes to donate.
  • Jewellery/gum/food is not permitted in class.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to email Chantelle at


Students can wear anything as long as it isn’t restrictive (like jeans) or really loose. We recommended a bodysuit and athletic leggings or tank/tshirt and leggings. Jazz shoes should be slip on in any colour.


Students must wear bodysuits and tights/tight fitting pants/shorts. Jazz shoes should be slip on and beige in colour (if you already have black shoes there is no need to purchase new ones).


Same as Jazz. Be sure that pants are not too long that they cover the feet. Tap shoes should be beige (if you already have black shoes there is no need to purchase new ones).

Ballet/Tots & Toes:

Students must wear a bodysuit and pink tights with leather or canvas ballet shoes. Children under 8 years may wear pink gymnastics shoes. Boys can wear black ballet/gymnastic shoes, black track pants and white shirt.

Hip Hop:

Students are encouraged to dress in a comfortable manner. Black and white converse shoes (available at footlocker and will be worn for recital) must not be worn outside. No jeans please.