Advertising Opportunities


The Canterbury Community Association (CCA) is offering a rink board advertising opportunity at the Jim Tubman-Sens Rink located at the Canterbury Recreation Complex at 2185 Arch Street, Ottawa.

In its first few months of operation, this space has attracted thousands of visitors and this will only increase as the CCA and the City of Ottawa (responsible for the facility during the ice-in months) expand program offerings. As seen above, the Jim Tubman Outdoor SENS Rink is surrounded by authentic hockey boards. With that being said, we are always looking for organizations, who wish to advertise their company or business on those boards.


Our cost for the space itself will be priced at $700 per year term.

* We do require you to purchase and provide a minimum 3 vinyl ads.


  • We do offer this opportunity for year-long terms that we would determine while applying
  • We do require you to purchase and provide a minimum 3 vinyl ads (dimensions varies)
  • We are responsible for all around maintenance and supervision, including set-up, take-down, and replacements

How To Apply

If you are interested in advertising on our boards, the process is simple. You could contact the email below, and the advertising admin will guide you through the process, OR,  fill and submit the online Ad Request form . Somebody will follow up within 5 business days.

*Any inquires can be sent to our Advertising Administrator :