COVID Screening Tools

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COVID Screening Tool PDF (EN)
COVID Screening Tool PDF (FR)

Every participant will be required to complete a self-assessment for COVID-19 symptoms before being allowed entrance to the class and agree to the terms and conditions in our participation liability waiver. Entry will be denied for anyone who answers as a risk from the self-assessment questionnaire.

Please keep in mind that Provincial and Municipal rules only allow for a limited number of people in the Canterbury Community Centre.  Our measures were created with these regulations and class sizes in mind.

  1. All classes are pre-registration only.
  2. Parents/Guardians and children are required to wear a mask in the Centre lobby before and after class. Dance participants will need to wear a mask until they are in their designated space in the class. Once in their designated space, the mask can be removed but must be put back on before leaving the class.
  3. Upon arrival, every parent/guardian will be asked to review the COVID-19 self-assessment sheet and participation liability waiver for each child attending a class.
  4. Instructors and/or CCA Staff will have class lists and will mark attendance and confirm that both documents have been reviewed by the parent.
  5. Only one parent/guardian will be permitted to drop off their child.
  6. After signing in, the parent/guardian will leave their child with their instructor and/or CCA Staff, who will then direct the child to class. Parents/guardians will then exit the building and return to pick up their child at the end of class.
  7. Upon pick up, parent/guardians will check in with the staff and/or the instructor to sign out their child.
  8. No other parents or family members (including siblings) will be allowed to stay in the center.
  9. All class size numbers will be limited to ensure physical distancing can remain in place for all participants.
  10. All students will come dressed, ready for class. Students can have a small bag for their dance shoes and a water bottle. This bag will remain with the student.
  11. If a child or anyone in the household is unwell, the child is not permitted to attend class.
  12. We are no longer able to share materials and props in classes.

If the child has a second class and needs help changing into the required attire, their instructor and/or CCA Staff will be on hand to assist them for that second class.  Obviously, they will be checked into the class automatically since they already provided the self-assessment for the first class.