This was my daughters first experience with the CDC and it brought about a deep love for dance. Her instructors were professional yet fun, teaching the class in an age-appropriate manner. I can not get over how much was packed into a half-hour class, as well as the variety that she was exposed to. Not a minute was wasted and the students always had a wonderful time. I would not hesitate to enrol my daughter in next year’s program. We are moving out of the community, yet I’m still considering driving her in so that she can benefit from the program for another year. Thank you, CDC, for building the foundation of my daughter’s love for dance! 

-Parent T.G.

This is the first time that my daughter participated in your program and when I enrolled her in the program. I had no idea what was involved. I was shocked and pleasantly surprised at the magnitude of the program. So professional. The instructor was amazing and my daughter looked forward to attending classes on a weekly basis, we just wished it was longer. I will be returning with my daughter next year to enroll her in not only one program but two programs. The confidence and joy that it brought to her is priceless and put a smile in my heart. Thank You.

-Parent V.C.

The Canterbury Dance Centre is a wonderful place for my daughter to live out her dreams of being a dancer. She has danced her way through ballet, jazz and tap classes with joy, reinforced by positive and supportive instruction, beautifully skilled dance teachers, in the community of friends who are classmates and neighbors. The choreography every year is fresh and challenging. The Centre has strong, caring leaders who clearly love dance and their dancers.  The year-end recital is a highlight for our family and offers us a professional quality performance with full costuming, lighting and a fantastic stage.  The Canterbury Dance Centre gets stronger and more vibrant every year!

-Parent D.G.

Jenny is an excellent teacher. The kids are motivated and her choreography allows them to be challenged and confident at the same time. Well done!

-Parent R.M.

My daughter is thrilled with her dance classes and all of her instructors. Yesterday and today we walked home from dance classes and she was bouncing off the sidewalk, chatting non-stop about everything that happened in class, all about the routines, comments about her teaches and on and on….She truly is in her element and getting an incredible experience at Canterbury Dance! Everyone is so helpful, positive and fun. Thanks for everything.

-Parent J.W.