Jim Tubman Chevrolet SENS Rink

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Welcome to the Jim Tubman Chevrolet SENS Rink official online page!

This page will let you access our rink updates for cancellations/closures, our drop-in sports schedules, and rental and advertisement opportunities. Also, feel free to leave a comment with any feedback, questions or suggestions.


The Jim Tubman Outdoor SENS Rink was built and opened in 2017. It is located in the Alta Vista neighborhood in the Canterbury Recreation Complex off Arch Street or Canterbury Avenue. The unique characteristic about this outdoor facility is that it not only has authentic hockey boards around the surface, it is also completely covered to ensure usage in most weather conditions.

The outdoor rink get’s significantly high exposure in the the Winter season as it is open for free skate, shinny hockey, or mixed free time. This Summer 2018 will be our first, with the ice surface completely removed, creating open space for drop-in basketball, hockey and community events.



Jim Tubman Chevrolet SENS Rink Schedule

Here is the schedule for drop-in basketball and ball hockey that will remain in effect until the end of July.

Note that U16 is reserved for those 16 years old and under and 16+ is for older participants.

The OPEN Rink time is new this July, where the space is to be shared and respected by the entire community. Activities such as jump rope, rollerblading, soccer and other are permitted during this time.

This is a common community space and it is expected that all participants will respect rules of conduct expected in such a facility and that scheduled activity times are respected.

Also note that this timetable is subject to change and the scheduling will be reviewed over the next month to make any adjustments for the rest of the non-ice season.

*for ball hockey, helmets and face protection is recommended.

Any questions, please email