After School Program

We operate between the hours of 2:30-5:30pm. The children in our program are organized into individual grades. Each group has their own home base with a Team Lead and 1 to 2 counselors. Our program accommodates Grade 1 to Grade 6. Our ratios for counselor to children exceed recommendations. Daily activities are programmed around physical, mental, and social. Each Friday is a Funday Friday, a day where children participate in a special activity planned and organized by the group’s team lead. During the program children are playing organized games, doing crafts, socializing with friends and building long lasting relationships. Some examples of our bigger activities include a full production of “Beauty and the Beast”, DIY mini putt course, video dance parties, life sized board games, learning a new language and more. The After School program hosts March Break Camps and PD DAY camps throughout the year. These camps often include an out trip and a full day or week of planned activities. The skills and attributes taught in our program help each child to become more responsible and successful in their own lives.

Monday Chess Club $10.00
Chess club you will learn chess strategies and play against other children in the monthly course.

Tuesday Outdoor Adventure Club $10.00
You will learn about the great outdoors. You will learn how to survive and use nature to guide you. You will learn how to navigate outdoors. And learn how to tie knots and much more!

Wednesday Baking Club $30.00
You will learn how to use baking techniques by measuring and mixing into some great new recipes. You will be provided with a recipe book at the end of the monthly course. The children will learn the safety of baking, and new easy recipes they will be able to make at home, with parental supervision of course! If you have any allergies around food please notify the after-school coordinator in advance.

Recipes for September:
Blueberry Mug Muffin
French Toast in a Mug
Apple Pie Scones
Oatmeal Pumpkin Cookies

Thursday Science Club $10.00
In science club you will be making new experiments each week. Some experiments, you will be able to keep and some will knock your socks off!

Friday Environmental Club $10.00
In environmental club you will learn the benefits of recycling. You will also learn how to reuse items and reduce items. You will learn things about the great outdoors, and mark and eliminate your carbon footprint!

Grade 6 Council $5.00
Grade 6 council will happen 2 times a week! The days for grade 6 council is Monday and Friday. I encourage parents to sign their children for grade 6 council to give your children more responsibility. They will get to become a leader and role model for the younger grades and if they stick with the program for half a year to a full year they will obtain a certificate at the end of the year.

After-School Coordinator: Keyana Lakha-Doobay

Phone Number: 613-415-0672

Email Address: